52399    All Other Financial Investment Activities - 2007 NAICS Code
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     This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in acting as agents or brokers (except securities brokerages and commodity contracts brokerages) in buying and selling financial contracts providing financial investment activities (except securities and commodity exchanges, portfolio management, and investment advice).

Illustrative Examples
Bank trust offices
Escrow agencies (except real estate)
Fiduciary agencies (except real estate)
Stock quotation services

     Establishments primarily engaged in

Investment banking and securities dealing, securities brokerage, commodity contracts dealing, or commodity contracts brokering - are classified in Industry Group 5231, Securities and Commodity Contracts Intermediation and Brokerage;
Acting as principals (except investment bankers, securities dealers, and commodity contracts dealers) in buying or selling financial contracts (except securities or commodity contracts) - are classified in Industry 52391, Miscellaneous Intermediation;
Furnishing physical or electronic marketplaces for the purpose of facilitating the buying and selling of securities and commodities - are classified in Industry 52321, Securities and Commodity Exchanges;
Managing the portfolio assets (i.e., funds) of others - are classified in Industry 52392, Portfolio Management;
Providing customized investment advice - are classified in Industry 52393, Investment Advice;
Awarding grants from trust funds - are classified in Industry 81321, Grantmaking and Giving Services;
Performing real estate escrow or real estate fiduciary activities - are classified in Industry 53139, Other Activities Related to Real Estate; and
Financial transactions processing, reserve, and clearinghouse activities - are classified in Industry 52232, Financial Transactions Processing, Reserve, and Clearinghouse Activities.

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Parent Sectors of 52399:
52 - Finance and Insurance
523 - Securities, Commodity Contracts, and Other Financial Investments and Related Activities
5239 - Other Financial Investment Activities
Sub-Sectors of 52399:
523991 - Trust, Fiduciary, and Custody Activities
523999 - Miscellaneous Financial Investment Activities

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